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United States

Metal 3D Printers

Reduce Costs with Metal 3D Printers

The uses for metal 3D printers are vast and span many industries, including dental, medical, aerospace, engineering, and jewelry. However, until recently these printers were available to only the largest businesses, with the biggest budgets. OR LASER is changing that.

Offered at a competitive price and boasting an intuitive user interface, the ORLAS CREATOR from OR LASER is improving manufacturing around the world. By offering the fastest route from product concept to launch on the market today, the ORLAS CREATOR is putting money back in the pocket of manufacturers, all without the need to invest in tooling. Additionally, with the ORLAS CREATOR:

  • Volume needs are met with a customizable platform
  • Third party components and software are eliminated
  • Parts are produced up to 30% faster

Metal 3D printers are reducing costs and increasing capabilities for manufacturers around the globe. Learn more about how the ORLAS CREATOR can do that for you. Contact our customer service staff for details.