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United States

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Quality Metal Additive Manufacturing Units 


Metal additive manufacturing refers to the process of adding multiple layers to a metal surface for use in repair or reconfigurement. This process is becoming more prevalent as businesses don't wish to halt production to install costly replacement parts. However, as is often the case with technology, quality is sometimes lagging. Fortunately, this is not the case with OR LASER.

Since the founding of OR LASER in the late 1990s the focus has been on designing and manufacturing the most innovative and high-quality laser units on the market. Our rigorous testing process includes subjecting our laser units to an in-depth analysis until they conform to our quality guidelines, thus ensuring that our customers receive laser units that are not only cost-effective, but optimized for use. Our units are used around the world in the additive manufacturing industry due to:

  • Quick and short cycles
  • Being multiple filler material friendly
  • Producing low thermal stress

Metal additive manufacturing is made easier and more cost-efficient with OR LASER. 

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