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Metal Cladding Process

Metal Cladding Process More Cost-effective Than Replacement


Replacing equipment is often expensive. The metal cladding process allows for repairs to be made to existing equipment. In addition, cladding can provide protection to the existing product to prevent future repairs.

Service centers in four different countries as well as 30 partners worldwide make OR Laser the preferred choice for metal cladding. For those companies looking to have their existing product repaired and those wanting to purchase the equipment to do it themselves, OR Laser can help. Our customized services go above and beyond the typical metal cladding processes.

Benefits of OR Laser's metal cladding machines include

  • Different units for a variety of applications and price points
  • Powder Cladding and Wire Cladding provided
  • Manual or automated processing
  • Surfaces are treated in a relatively distortion-free manner

When you're searching for a more cost-effective solution to replacing existing equipment, look to OR Laser. Our metal cladding process using lasers is innovative and our customized services are often just what is needed.

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