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Metal Cladding Suppliers

State-of-the-art Metal Cladding Suppliers


Are you looking for a metal cladding supplier in your area? Have you found one that employs the most state-of-the-art technology? OR Laser has 30 partners across the world and offers service centers in four countries. In addition, we offer several different units for those wishing to complete their metal cladding projects on their own.

Metal cladding with OR Laser allows for customized repairs to suit your specific need. Our lasers treat heat-sensitive surfaces and coatings in such a manner that distortion is all but eliminated. Nearby grains retain the same look and feel and post-processing is reduced extensively.

Other key benefits of metal cladding with OR Laser include

  • Discoloration on polished surfaces is eliminated
  • Both manual and automated processing are available
  • Both Wire and Powder Cladding possible
  • The ability to continue to operate on your schedule

Keep your systems running by utilizing the services of OR Laser. We are the preferred choice in metal cladding suppliers due to our extensive research and resolve to perfect our tools.

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