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Metal Cladding or Direct Metal Deposition

Direct Metal Deposition Units for Everyone

Hybrid Manufacturing

Whether it's for design changes, wear-protection layers, or repairs, direct metal deposition (DMD) or metal cladding with the use of a laser adds value without excessive cost. However, not all cladding is created equal, and not all units are suitable for use with all materials. And that's where the knowledge gained from nearly two decades of laser design and application engineering comes in. Enter, OR LASER.

At OR LASER, we provide metal cladding units for all areas of manufacturing, from dental technology to jewelry design to prototype design. Our wide array of units offer something for everyone, whether you're looking to use wire or powder, want a mobile or stationary unit, or have specific footprint requirements. Other key benefits of partnering with OR LASER for your direct metal deposition needs include:

  • Rigorous testing and optimizing of all units
  • Serial production drives down the cost of units
  • All necessary accessories are also produced

At OR LASER, we believe that our customers provide some of the best suggestions for design of our metal cladding units — and all of our laser solutions. For that reason, we will continue to offer an interface between laser applications and customer-specific requirements both now and in the future. 

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