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Metal Laser Engraving

Reduce Cost in Metal Laser Engraving


Metal is an expensive medium. Errors made during the metal laser engraving process can be costly. It is important to choose a laser engraver that helps to eliminate these problems. OR Laser's computer-aided controls reduce human error and save money.

Laser engraving machines from OR Laser are perfect for increasing efficiency in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Limits for form and content are extended with the fine-tuning of a laser engraver from OR Laser.

Metal laser engraving with OR Laser allows for

  • Marking of different material types
  • High automation and speed
  • Force-free and contact-free processing
  • Sharp images of high quality
  • High design flexibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Marking on the Fly
  • Highly precise marking with constant quality
  • Permanent, wear-, heat- and acid-resistant

At OR Laser we are dedicated to helping you locate the metal laser engraving unit best suited to your sector and needs. Allow our helpful staff to guide you in this process.

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