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Metal Powders

Cladding Units for use With Metal Powders


Using metal powders in additive manufacturing can provide a professional-looking layer, without pores or cracks. But finding the appropriate tools to get the job done can be a daunting task. Not with OR Laser.

OR Laser's commitment to excellence has yielded in top of the line laser cladding units for use with metal powders or wire. With the simple addition of the ORLAS SUITE software, a powder nozzle and a powder feeder, four laser units in our DIODELINE series are transformed to lean, mean, cladding machines.

The DIODELINE family consists of

  • EVO MOBILE - compact and mobile system for use on big and small workpieces
  • LRS EVO - an automated laser for small to medium workpieces
  • LASERCAB - for industrial and highly frequented production environments
  • ROBOLASER - for use in cladding, hardening, cutting, and welding

OR Laser's dedication to providing innovative laser technology shows in the cladding lasers suitable for use with metal powders.

See for yourself. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to learn more.