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United States

Micro Laser Welding

A most widely used technique for high precision joinery


Today’s laser welding machines support both similar and dissimilar material joinery. Micro Laser welding techniques are growing popular among jewelry, art, medical and various other fields because of the accurate and high precision results micro Laser welding offers.

Micro Laser Welding technique involves subjecting the 2 joinery pieces under high voltage Laser beams kept below the microscope to view the minute details during joinery. It is easy and more reliable to weld minutest objects with this technique.

Select OR Laser for micro Laser welding

  • Long lasting joinery
  • Job completed with no surface damage
  • Offer fine finishing
  • Follow industry standards
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Computerized controls
  • Provide high precision for jobs under microscope
  • Lightweight and easily portable

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