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Micro Spot Welding

Micro Spot Welding


Micro Laser welding machines are designed to be used in a great number of applications to meet the needed results in many industries. Partner with OR LASER and see how our Micro Laser welding machines can improve your production.

Laser welding has been a common technique for more efficient joineries in many manufacturing industries. When you need perfect joining, there is no alternative than Laser welding.

OR LASER's laser welding systems support both similar and dissimilar material joining. Micro Laser welding techniques are growing popular among jewelry, art, medical and various other fields because of the accurate and high precision results micro Laser welding offers.

Laser welding systems are used in various fields as a high-quality, efficient, and economic process for joining of metal plates, plastic components, jewelry, or even construction parts.Today’s welding tasks require not only strong and resistant joints, optically faultless joints are also increasingly a key element in the production process.

Spot welding has been a common technique in the production process for many years because of its high speed and uncompromised efficiency. There is no substitute for Laser welding when you are looking for perfection.

Aluminum is an excellent corrosion resistant because of which it is most widely used in a variety of applications. OR LASER offers cost-effective solutions to spot welding of aluminum metals that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Looking for stainless steel welding machine? OR Laser’s spot welding machines are most suitable for any kind of heavy duty or minor welding on stainless steel metals.

Welding with the laser is categorised as spot welding or continuous seam welding. Narrow weld geometries at high welding speeds are realized by very fine spot welding in pulsed operation with individual laser pulses, as well as by welding with several kilowatts of power in continuous wave mode. The welding speed with spot and seam welding with the laser depends on the laser type, the laser power, and the material combination.

Laser spot welding, laser seam welding, and direct welding are three highly useful and slightly differing applications of the latest laser technology. Each function is possible with specialized equipment. Of the cutting-edge laser units from OR Laser, ten different models are recommended for spot, seam, and direct welding applications.By selecting among the laser spot welder and laser seam welding units available from OR Lasers, you can ensure a professional finish.

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