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MIG Welders

Laser Welders Surpass MIG Welders


Limitations of traditional arc welding include requiring an electrical current and the inability to weld non-electrically conductive material. Traditional MIG welders lack the versatility and efficiency of newer laser welders.

OR Laser's wide array of laser welders meet the needs of the more modern consumer with the ability to weld plastics, scanning capabilities, and computer-aided technology. The highly efficient welders from OR Laser come in both stationary and portable models, allowing for adaptability in the workplace.

Partnering with OR Laser for your welding needs means

  • Cost reduction due to force-free processing
  • Flexibility due to modular design
  • Minimization of thermal effect on materials
  • Automated processes

Enjoy all of these benefits and more with a laser welding unit from OR Laser. Traditional MIG welders are no longer the latest and greatest thing. See why the the trend is the newer, more innovative laser welder.

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