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United States

Mobile Welder

OR Laser Offers Quality Mobile Welder


Portability can be problematic when it comes to quality welders. Strength and an invisible weld need to be maintained when utilizing a mobile welder. OR Laser has mobile laser welders designed for your needs.

Backed by a history of research and development and a solid reputation in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, OR Laser is the preferred choice for those looking for a quality mobile welder. We pride ourselves on producing units that increase efficiency and reduce economic stresses, while allowing for the mobility necessary in so many industries.

Mobile laser welders from OR Laser can be used for

  • Spot, seam, and direct welding
  • Joining different materials
  • High speed and automation
  • Achieving pinpoint accuracy

For more information on a mobile welder for your particular needs, contact our friendly staff today. Our top-quality equipment won't disappoint.