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Mobile Welders

Utilize Mobile Welders Without Sacrificing Quality


Portability is key to welding in so many manufacturing processes today. Achieving the same high quality results with mobile welders as with stationary ones is important. OR Laser's array of mobile laser welders offer units designed to maintain the high level of quality required in all sectors of manufacturing industries.

Since the inception of OR Laser in 1997, we have dedicated ourselves to extensive research and development in the laser industry. Our background in testing has yielded mobile welders that offer the functions necessary for big jobs and the portability desired by so many.

Utilize the mobile welders in our catalog to

  • Spot, seam, and direct welding
  • Joining different materials
  • High speed and automation
  • Achieving pinpoint accuracy

Start enjoying the functionality of a portable welder without sacrificing speed and accuracy. Our knowledgeable customer service staff is trained to guide you in your search for mobile welders suited to your particular industry or use.

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