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Mobile Welding Machine

A path towards the trending tools


Laser welding machines are most popularly used these days for welding because of its high quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Due to its flawless joining of any type of material, most of the industries and small businesses use this type of welding techniques for jewelry, plastic, glass, fiber or any metal welding. When you need to satisfy all these requirements, OR Laser caters to all of them at one shot.

Laser technique is used for welding due to its high performance, efficiency and accurate joinery. OR Laser mobile welding machines are ergonomically designed to suit all the requirements that your business needs. Partner with OR Laser to get familiar with the industry’s most robust and efficient mobile Laser welding machines.

Choose OR Laser mobile welding machines

  • Cost effective and very efficient
  • High precision and accurate solutions
  • Work can be easily customized to your needs
  • Follow standards
  • Better performance and higher throughput
  • Cater to custom applications
  • Easily portable

For most efficient joinery, choose OR Laser’s mobile welding machines and profit your business. The versatile machines from OR Laser suffices all your needs that your business would need.

Contact us to figure out the numerous options your business can avail from OR Laser’s mobile welding machines.