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United States

Mobile Welding Services

Innovative Mobile Welding Services With Units From OR Laser


It is not always easy to transport workpieces to a central location for welding services. In fact, it is often expensive and inconvenient. Customer demand has driven OR Laser to create units specific to the need of mobile welding services.

With a swivel arm and mobile resonator, the HTS Mobile is designed to work on especially large or recessed pieces. The LRS EVO from OR Laser unites ergonomics, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness to make it the ideal unit to meet the versatile requirements in tool and die making. And the IQ Laser's compact, precise, and highly technical design has been developed for small on-site repairs.

Key features of the mobile welding units from OR Laser include

  • On-board motion sensors
  • High quality rail system
  • Easy operation via controller

Explore the mobile welding services provided by the innovative and mobile units at OR Laser. Contact a representative today and find out which features you need for your individual purposes.