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United States

Part Marking Machine

Industrial Part Marking with Laser Technology


Traditional part marking machines have limitations, namely that they're stationary units that require flat surfaces. Mistakes were commonplace in these units as they were at the mercy of their human operators. OR LASER has addressed these common issues with a number of innovative designs.

Part marking systems from OR LASER enable users to mark even round surfaces 'on the fly'. Human error is virtually eliminated with the computer-controlled units from OR LASER, effectively increasing efficiency and reducing cost. What's more, laser part marking machines require less repair because their components avoid contact with the item being marked. 

Other key advantages of laser markers include:

  • High speed and automation
  • Sharp, high quality images
  • Design flexibility

Part marking machines have evolved in recent years and OR LASER is at the forefront of their technology. Learn more about the ease-of-use and affordability of a laser marker from OR LASER. 

Contact our customer service staff for details on the array of units we have to offer.