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United States

Plastic Laser Welding

Most flexible technique for high end connections


Laser plastic welding has been an established technique for processing plastics over the traditional joining techniques.

OR LASER machines offer a higher flexibility for plastic laser welding to improve your production process. 

Partner with OR LASER to design a road-map for your plastic welding needs.

OR LASER plastic laser welding

  • Most accurate process
  • High throughput
  • Optimal results
  • Flexible joining technique that doesn’t need contact
  • Lower thermal load as spot welding is used
  • Visually appealing welding technique
  • Customizable as per your business needs
  • Cost effective

OR LASER is one of the leading provider of plastic Laser welding machines since several years. We have established our presence in spot and seam welding of plastic materials. We are in a position to provide you with customized  plastic laser welding systems to suit your business needs.

Schedule a demo or get a sample by talking to our customer service professionals. We would be glad to share samples, walk you through a wide range of products we offer and help customize them to match your business needs.

Contact us now for more information on plastic Laser welding and machines that OR LASER offers.