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United States

Plastic Welding Machine

Machines that weld plastics of various sizes and shapes


Considering the cost, efficiency and reliability, industrialists are moving towards Laser welding for all their plastic welding needs. If you are looking for a superior quality, yet economical machines that can offer excellent plastic welding, OR Laser offers fine tuned machines that can be easily customized as per your business needs.

With the increasing need for welding of plastic materials and the growing popularity of Laser technology, OR Laser has been adapting to Laser welding techniques in their newly designed machines. We offer a wide range of welding services, machines and tools to get your plastic welding business up and running.

Choose Plastic welding machines from OR Laser

  • Very reliable and economical
  • Cost effective
  • Configurations can be easily customized
  • Durable machines
  • Easily maintainable
  • Follow industry standards and welding standards

We are willing to offer you a free demo and/or sample service so you can build your trust on us and buy our plastic welding machines. We also offer timely maintenance and superior service to all our customers without fail.

We offer a wide range of plastic welding machines that can suit a variety of industries.

Contact us now to know more about our machines and how we can help your business.