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Plastic Welding Machines

Industry-Tested Plastic Welding Machines


Manufacturing and industrial fields utilize gluing and ultrasonic welding for joining plastics. However, these practices can require solvents and often lack the accuracy that is demanded by many industries. Fortunately, OR Laser offers laser plastic welding machines to address these common problems.

Precision and accuracy are the name of the game when it comes to plastic laser welding, making it ideal for protecting vital internal components and for use on complex geometries.

Plastic welding with a laser means

  • Leak-free, secure welds
  • Welds generated on the inside of components - eliminating the release of particles
  • Going green - no solvents necessary means a reduction in industrial waste

As the vanguard of laser technology and innovation for more than 20 years, OR Laser finds pride in the precision delivered by our plastic welding machines.

Find out more about our industry-tested units that are suitable for any professional application.

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