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Powder Aluminum

Using Powder Aluminum for Repairs


The rising popularity of aluminum is due, in part, to its excellent corrosion resistance properties. However, working with aluminum hasn't always been the easiest task. Fortunately, with powder-based laser cladding systems from OR LASER all of that has changed.

Whether it is for repairs, design changes, or wear-protection layers, laser cladding with powder upgrades surfaces as if they were cast from one customized, industrial mold. Using aluminum as an example, a powder aluminum coating is welded onto an existing component with a laser. A professional-looking layer, without pores or cracks and with little mixing and a small heat-affected zone, results. And it's all made possible with:

  • A DIODELINE machine from OR Laser (EVO Mobile, ROBOLASER, LASERCAB, or LRS EVO)
  • Powder nozzle and feeder
  • ORLAS SUITE Software

Aluminum doesn't have to be difficult to work with. Find out how powder aluminum, in conjunction with OR LASER, can transform your existing component. 

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