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Powder Steel

Use of Powder Steel on Existing Components


Use of powder steel to strengthen existing components is saving time and money without altering the properties of the component. However, this process isn't achieved with just any welder. For the right laser welder for the job, look to OR Laser.

Repairs, design changes, and wear-protection layers are all made possible with the innovative DIODELINE family of laser units at OR Laser. Simply install the ORLAS SUITE (CAD/CAM software) and utilize the powder feeder and nozzle to automate your metal cladding process and enjoy components that appear to have been cast from one customized, industrial mold.

The four distinct units offered by OR Laser for this process are

  • EVO Mobile - mobile and compact
  • LRS EVO - automated technology for small to medium-sized workpieces
  • LASERCAB - for industrial and highly frequented production environments
  • ROBOLASER - four applications from one robot (welding, cutting, hardening, cladding)

To discover more about our DIODELINE product line and their uses in cladding with powder steel, contact our friendly customer service staff.