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Powdered Metal

Making Powdered Metal Coatings Possible


An even powdered metal coating on complex workpieces cannot be applied by just any laser unit. And with the increase in uses, including repairs, wear-protection, and design changes, industries are looking for the robust tools to do just that. Fortunately, OR Laser has the solution.

Powder-based laser cladding is easily integrated into the flexible Diodeline product family at OR Laser. OR Laser's powder nozzle, ORLAS SUITE (the CAD/CAM software solution), and the powder feeder allow for even coatings on the most complex geometries.

In addition to an increase in strength and load capacity, metal cladding

  • Saves time and money
  • Has a quick turnaround
  • Allows for repair rather than replacement

OR Laser offers four different units for use with powdered metal coating applications.

Discover which unit is right for your needs by contacting our friendly staff today.