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Pulse Laser Deposition

Save Time and Money with Pulse Laser Deposition


As manufacturing industries strive to keep to their schedules and save money whenever possible, pulse laser deposition becomes more common. By using a pulse laser mode to deposit metal powders to components or parts industries are able to repair parts rather than invest in costly new ones. Production is resumed much sooner, making the phrase 'time is money' ring true. OR LASER is uniquely positioned to help with these applications.

Since the founding of OR LASER nearly two decades ago, the company has prided itself on offering innovative laser technology concepts to a wide array of customers. From engraving to welding to cutting to additive manufacturing, OR LASER has developed lasers to suit the needs of a diverse clientele — across the globe. The DIODELINE machines offered by OR LASER are suitable for pulse laser deposition and are used with the following powders:

  • Nickel-based
  • Steel-based
  • Cobalt-based
  • Carbide-based
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Titanium alloys

Find out more about the pulse laser deposition capabilities of the units offered by OR Laser.

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