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Pulse Diode Laser

Pulse Diode Laser Easily Set


Inefficient energy usage can be a key problem with laser units. That, combined with the desire for long-life systems and the ability to utilize normal voltage connections has propelled OR Laser to offer a laser diode system with pulse setting capabilities.

The diode-pumped laser from OR Laser offers 15 times higher efficiency than standard installations. With peak performances up to 3 kW and pulse frequency of 100 Hz rather than the standard 20 Hz, the laser diode from OR Laser is a highly sought after model on the market today.

Other key features of the Diodeline unit from OR Laser include

  • Welding head allows for use of different focusing lenses
  • 10" touchscreen allows the user to make important settings
  • Allows for setting of individual laser pulses

Medical, aeronautical engineering, and electronic sectors have already experienced the innovative diode laser systems from OR Laser.

Contact our helpful customer service staff to see how this line can assist your segment of the manufacturing world.