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United States

Pulsed Fiber Laser

The high speed Laser for engraving, marking, welding or cutting

From Laser Cladding to Additive Manufacturing

Are you looking for using pulsed fiber Laser for your business?

Whether you are looking to process materials or mark them, texture them, these pulsed fiber Lasers can be very handy.

These pulsed fiber Lasers come in green nanosecond, single mode, rack mount, and few others. Depending upon your utility, you can select the right one for your business. These pulsed fiber Lasers are modeled in OEM modules as well as mountable units and may be used in a wide range of applications. The short wavelength as well as the short pulse duration along with high power results in heating up a very small and focussed area.

Choose OR Laser’s pulsed fiber Laser

  • High speed
  • Customized and integrated with various features depending upon your business needs
  • Follow industry standards
  • Excellent support available from OR Laser
  • Damageless job completion

Explore our website for a wide range of services and machines for Laser work. If you are confused as to which service or product to select from, our customer service professionals can help you make a well informed decision.

For more information on what type of pulsed fiber Laser your business needs, contact us now!