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Pulsed Laser Deposition

Pulsed Laser Deposition for Versatility


Pulsed laser deposition is a highly versatile method for depositing all different kinds of materials, including oxides, nitrates, high-temperature superconductors, metals, polymers, and even polymer-metal compounds on a surface in the form of a thin layer. The technical nature of this process calls for highly innovative machinery. 

OR LASER enters a new realm in the field of laser material processing through the use of diode-pumped laser systems with pulse shaping capabilities. The new concept offers an impressive number of key advantages over conventional flash lamp pumped systems. 

In addition to its compact design and the extremely long life, diode-pumped fiber lasers are characterized by their 15 times higher energy efficiency. The system further impresses with its excellent beam quality  with very small spot sizes down to 50 μm. Even the most demanding welding jobs present no problems for this machine. And utilizing the pulse shaping feature on the system provides benefits that include:

  • High quality results that are developed quickly
  • Versatility - use a wide array of different materials
  • Simple conception

Start realizing the benefits of pulsed laser deposition in your processes. 

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