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Pulsed Laser Deposition System

Advantages of a Pulsed Laser Deposition System


Pulsed laser deposition systems are in high demand due to their extreme versatility. Nitrates, oxides, polymers, metals, and polymer-metal compounds are easily deposited on a surface in the form of a thin film with pulsed laser deposition. And OR Laser has the right tools for the job.

The DIODELINE machines offered by OR Laser offer 15 times higher energy efficiency than conventional flash pumped systems. And with pulse mode capabilities, the DIODELINE models, in conjunction with the powder nozzle from OR Laser and the innovative ORLAS SUITE software make coating complex workpieces a piece of cake. 

Key benefits of a pulsed laser deposition system include:

  • Speed - high-quality pieces are formed in a short time
  • Versatile - for use with many compounds 
  • Conceptually simple

Discover more about the pulsed laser deposition systems offered by OR Laser. Contact us today.