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Seam Welding Machine Manufacturers

Quality Seam Welding Machine Manufacturers


Are you searching for a seam welding machine manufacturer to fill your welding needs? Have you explored the current laser welding technology? OR Laser provides 10 laser welding machines suited to seam welding.

OR Laser, a highly respected manufacturer of laser welding machines offers high-quality and user friendly models for both industrial and manufacturing production. Our years of research and development have yielded customizable units at an array of sizes and price points.

With laser seam welders from OR laser the user is assured of

  • Efficiency
  • Excellent welding results
  • Versatile application
  • Excellent customer service

The flawless joinery found in laser welding is just what you require in a seam welding manufacturer.

Find out more about OR Laser and how we can make the complexity of joining metal easy.

Contact our customer service staff today to learn more.