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United States

Selective Laser Melting 3D Printer

 Selective Laser Melting/3D Printer Answers Needs of Manufacturers

The benefits of 3D printing are widely known. From reducing costs associated with tooling to shortening production times, these efficiencies have manufacturers demanding the latest and greatest in selective laser melting/3D printers. And OR LASER is providing it.

The ORLAS CREATOR, OR LASER's competitively priced 3D printer answers the needs of multiple manufacturing sectors by providing the quickest route from product concept to launch currently on the market. The ORLAS CREATOR requires no costly tool investment and also:

  • Eliminates the need for third party components or software
  • Is customizable per your volume needs
  • Allows for monitoring of product creation from anywhere with the latest in wireless technology

For more details on how the ORLAS CREATOR meets your selective laser melting/3D printer needs, please contact our customer service staff.