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Small Welding Machine

Small Welding Machine Enhanced With Laser Capabilities


Are you looking for a small welding machine for business? Are you limited on space? Are you concerned that you'll sacrifice function for size? Stop worrying and start exploring the selection of laser welders from OR Laser.

The wide array of laser welding machines offered at OR Laser ensures that you'll find something to suit both your size and function requirements. With the most up-to-date technology, laser welders provide a cost affordable and efficient option for seamlessly joining jewelry, plastic, and metal components. And the mobile and stationary units from OR Laser provide practical options for the consumer.

Key benefits of laser welders from OR Laser include

  • Optimal quality
  • Backed by extensive research and development
  • Automation
  • Online monitoring
  • Outstanding results

When you're looking for installation flexibility, minimizing thermal effect on materials, and pinpoint accuracy, OR Laser has the small welding machine for you.

To learn more about matching your needs to the correct unit, contact our helpful customer service staff.