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United States

Spot Welder

Speedy and Accurate Spot Welder


Obtaining the speed and accuracy necessary to maintain high quality spot welding results can be difficult. Utilizing laser technology for spot welder design eliminates these worries. OR Laser, at the forefront of laser technology, offers an array of professional welders for your spot welding needs.

Fine spot welding is achieved by setting a laser spot welder to a high speed and narrow weld geometry. The versatility of the units at OR Laser provide the specialized functions necessary for these quality results.

In addition to spot welding, units from OR Laser are capable of

  • Direct welding with filler wire
  • Direct welding without filler wire
  • Seam welding

The computer-aided controls found in the laser welding units at OR Laser assist users in achieving high quality results. Look to OR Laser for all of your spot welder needs and experience the ease-of-use yourself.

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