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Spot Welding Aluminum

Spot Welding Aluminum - Professional Welding Technique 


Aluminum is an excellent corrosion resistant material, and is used in a variety of manufacturing applications. OR LASER offers cost-effective solutions to spot welding of aluminum metals that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Spot welding has been a proven technique for most perfect joineries in many manufacturing industries. This process focuses on welding by concentrating high speed Laser beams on a specific spot of aluminum metal using narrow weld geometries.

If you are looking for flawless welding and joinery, then Laser technology is the best, allowing you to weld almost any type of material including plastic, alloys, metals, fiber, organic materials, and much more.

Choose OR LASER spot welding for aluminum

  • Most economical technique
  • Does not damage the underlying surface
  • Delivers results relatively quicker than the traditional techniques
  • Suited for small and large scale industries
  • Customize welding techniques based on your business requirements
  • Match the industry standard requirements
  • Increased throughput

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