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Spot Welding Applications

A wide range of applications spot welding offers


Because of its high resistance capacity, spot welding offers welding of various types of materials such as sheet metals, plastic, wires and hence its applicability is far beyond the real world applications. No matter if you are looking for welding services and products for large scale business or small scale industries, welding jobs can be easily customized for your convenience.

OR Laser offers a wide range of welding techniques to suit your business. Partner with us to dive deeper and explore the welding applicabilities for your business. You can suffice your desires of molding any type of materials with the same efficiency as expected by the industry standards.

Choose OR Laser for welding applications

  • Follow industry standards
  • Very reliable
  • Low cost solutions
  • Wide range of applications
  • Accurate and precise welding

Spot welding is used in automobiles, battery manufacturing and electronics applications. Skilled workers such as dentists also use spot welding in orthodontics field. Besides this, fabrication and repair shots extensively use spot welding.For effective joineries and applications, make sure to select OR Laser.

Contact us and Learn more about the various applications that we can offer for welding applications.