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Spot Welding Gun

Spot Welding Gun Replaced With Laser Welding Unit


The traditional spot welding gun falls short when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. Human error and unsteadiness make it less desirable than the latest welding technology.

Spot welding guns have been replaced with portable laser welding units designed with an electromagnetically controlled swivel arm with telescoping capabilities. These units from OR Laser boast touch screen controls and the ability to store settings. In addition to the touchscreen these units come equipped with a joystick which allows for modifications to made during welding, increasing efficiency.

Benefits of partnering with OR Laser for your welding needs include

  • A wide array of units to choose from
  • A history of extensive research and development
  • Highly supported units

Enjoy the latest, most efficient spot laser welding units on the market today. Partner with OR Laser and leave behind the older, less accurate spot welding gun.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions.

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