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Spot Welding Machine India

Most widely used machines for Indian welding jobs


When it comes to welding, there is no substitute for Laser technology and spot welding. With its fine joinery and excellent repair work, Laser has proven the champion of all repair jobs. Why not partner with OR Laser and explore your most relevant options for welding whether you need to use in India or anywhere else in the world.

Spot welding machines are popular because they are very energy efficient and highly reliable.

Choose OR Laser’s spot welding machines

  • Excellent resistance to heat and high energy jobs
  • Cost effective and very reliable
  • Easily customized with various features you need
  • Modify as per your business needs
  • Low cost and discounted machinery
  • Suitable for small scale to large scale industries
  • Follow industry standards

We have numbers of machinery listed on our website. If you are looking for something else outside our catalog, we are happy to help you out to get the right machine for your business. We will work on your budget and your requirements and assure you to offer you a great deal that can make you happy.

We appreciate you doing business with us. Contact us now for more information!