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Spot Welding Machine Manufacturers

The leading industry in welding technology


With the growing popularity for welding industry, manufacturers are moving towards Laser welding. Spot welding has been a growing industry for welding manufacturers because of the various advantages it poses.

Spot welding focuses the high speed Laser beam on a particular area that needs to be welded. These machines save a lot of energy and hence are termed as the energy efficient by accredited institutions. Partner with OR Laser now to know more about our welding machine manufacturing units and how we can help get your business to the next level.

OR Laser is one of the leading Spot welding machine manufacturer

  • High quality and fast delivery
  • Efficient and reliable machines
  • Low cost machinery
  • Easily customized machines
  • Follows industry standards
  • Popular and most widely liked among our customers

Browse through our website for various types of spot welding machines we sell. We are happy to do business with big or small business or welding industries and we do serve with the same diligence.

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