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Spot Welding Machine Price

The most economical way of handing welding jobs


With the growing popularity of Laser and spot welding in various types of businesses and small industries, many companies have been relying on the most powerful industry leaders like OR Laser to take their business and machinery to the next level. While few of them are less concerned with the price, others may have a more specific restrictions on their budget.

Many welding companies offer various price range machines and welding services. The price range varies based on the custom features that are being added to your machines. The more features added to your machines, the more expensive would it be. However, OR Laser offer cost effective solutions to all your spot welding needs.

Choose OR Laser’s spot welding machines

  • Very economical
  • Prices are competitive with the industry
  • Not heavily priced even for a sophisticated machinery
  • Follows industry standards
  • Cost effective and doesn’t come for repairs often
  • Very durable

Browse through our wide range of product series for different price machines that you would want to buy. You can even contact our customer support if you have any additional questions regarding our pricing and discounts.

Contact us now to learn more about the various spot welding machines and their prices we offer for our customers.