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Spot Welding Parameter

Must to care parameters for your welding


Laser welding is most commonly used these days for achieving excellent joineries. To achieve this in turn you would need to set the right parameters for the right jobs.

Are you looking for machines to set the right parameter for your welding jobs? OR Laser can help you find the right parameter and customize them for your welding jobs. Parameters are the most important factors of any welding jobs as they are the controlling factors of a welding job.

Choose to partner with OR Laser

  • For faster welding time
  • Efficient hold time or squeeze time
  • Cost effective techniques
  • Save energy
  • Get accurate and precise welding with right parameters
  • Customize parameters for your business
  • Avail durable and most reliable solutions

Faster welding techniques and more accuracy needs perfect configuration. Hence, setting the parameters can allow your configurations gain better direction and hence perfect welding. Our technicians can guide you on how you can set the parameters to attain optimal results for your welding jobs. We are available on phone, email or our website contact form.

Make sure to contact us now for more information and we will be happy to help.