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Spot Welding Principle

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Are you looking for a resistant process such as spot welding for your business? You should first understand the principles of this type of welding before you move ahead with the welding. When high speed energy source such as Laser beam is focused on the object at a particular spot, the area melts and gives room for joining. This is how engineers and welders utilize spot welding for their business.

OR Laser uses weld current that varies depending upon the thickness of the materials. An important and noteworthy fact is that thicker the material, it takes more time to weld and it needs higher temperature and more energy. We use appropriate external force to contain the material from expanding beyond its required capacity. This way we aim to attain the perfect welding.

OR Laser’s spot welding principles

  • Industry standard processes and techniques
  • Apt welding current
  • Sufficient weld time
  • Equivalent weld force
  • Spot diameter

Our spot welding principles are worth noting if you are a business owner or an industrialist.

Contact us now for inquiries or questions on spot welding and get to know the principles we follow for all our spot welding techniques, processes, services and machines.