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United States

Spot Welding Process

The most traditional technique with modern process


Are you trying to familiarize yourself with spot welding process? OR Laser offers great techniques, process and solutions for spot welding that any business can easily adapt with little or no modifications. This technique is the most followed and trusted technique in the Laser welding industry due to its great efficiency and high speeds. Partner with OR Laser to find the cost-effective solutions for spot welding of any type of materials.

Whether you are looking for minor welding or heavy duty jobs, spot welding can prove a great deal. The process involves passing high speed energy optimized Laser beam through geometrical angles focussed on the subject area just enough to melt the surface for joining. OR Laser’s process is more optimized and standardized.

Follow OR Laser’s spot welding process

  • High speed and high performance
  • Better results
  • Damage free welding
  • Permanent welding technique
  • Cost effective

Laser type, speed and power decides the welding quality when it comes to spot welding of any type of material.

Contact us now to learn the process, techniques and machines used for spot welding that OR Laser caters to their customers.