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Spot Welding Stainless Steel

Choosing your welding machine wisely when it comes to stainless steel


Looking for stainless steel welding machine? 

OR LASER’s spot welding machines are engineered for any kind of welding on stainless steel metals. OR LASER uses spot welding by focusing a high speed beam at a geometric angle on the welding area. The metals that need joinery melt and fuse together without damaging the other parts or leaving any residue.

Choose OR LASER's spot welding machines

  • They blend the stainless steel joineries very neatly
  • Offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Produce high precision and accurate results
  • Customize settings for individual business
  • Ability to perform heavy duty tasks
  • Offer speed delivery
  • Support specific purpose functions
  • Ability to meet the industry standards

Our Laser welding techniques are unique, please contact our customer service for a demo or sample stainless steel welding.

For more information on our products or services, don’t forget to contact us immediately!