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Spot Welding Thickness

One of the factors influencing your welding


When you think of spot welding of a variety of materials, you must have considered the factors like reliability, thickness of the material and its cost. Various design considerations directly or indirectly influence your welding process and techniques you need to follow. Accessibility, the welding spot and the joining thickness are the most important ones. If these sound jargon to you, talk to OR Laser and we will help you figure it all.

When you opt for spot welding of various similar and dissimilar materials based on the speed, cost and reliability, you need to consider the design decisions as well. OR Laser helps you figure out the size, positioning, and the optimal thickness of the material you need to consider in order to join them most efficiently through the spot welding process.

OR Laser’s spot welding

  • Highly reliable and economical
  • Follows industry standards
  • Ease of welding
  • Pays attention to the design consideration

Partner with OR Laser now, to get a better feel of spot welding technique.

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