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United States

Stainless Steel Spot Welding

Most common welding technique for stainless steels


When it comes to welding stainless steel metals, Spot welding has proven its worth because of its ability to penetrate the surface with great speeds and efficiently join without leaving any residue during the weld. Tie up with OR Laser to find the most efficient tools and techniques used for stainless steel welding.

Laser welding has versatile applications including welding stainless steel metals. Because of this, it's gaining its popularity in large industries. Whether you need to replace the traditional welding techniques or RF induction, OR Laser gives you great opportunities to use Laser technology.

OR Laser stainless steel spot welding

  • Low cost and highly efficient
  • Get long lasting welding
  • Customized welding settings
  • Better performance and throughput
  • Superior joinery
  • Easy beam manipulation for fiber optic joinery
  • Wide range of applications

Whether your jobs are big or small, or the requirement is for a small or a big industry, spot Laser welding handles it all with the same level of ease and comfort. Laser has the capability to handle both heavy and light duty jobs very effectively.

Contact us now for the wide range of services and products we offer to our customers when it comes to doing their spot Laser welding jobs.