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United States

Steel 3D Printer

Meeting the Needs of Manufacturers with Steel 3D Printers 

Technological advancements have made steel 3D printers commonplace in today's manufacturing sector. That is, they are common for big industries, with large budgets. OR LASER is helping to increase access to these units and as a result is driving down manufacturing costs for an increasing number of industries.

The ORLAS CREATOR, from OR LASER, is a high-end additive manufacturing system that is delivering steel printing capabilities at a competitive price. And as speed to market increases with the ORLAS CREATOR, the cost of manufacturing continues to drop. A few of the industries that benefit from this technology include:

  • Medical and dental
  • Jewelry
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering

To learn more about the ORLAS CREATOR and its steel 3D printing capabilities, contact our knowledgeable customer service staff today.