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Steel Powder

Increase Strength and Load Capacity with a Steel Powder Coating


Welding steel powder onto an existing component with a laser is beneficial in many ways; strength and load capacity is increased, repairs become more cost-efficient than replacement, and worn components are renewed. However, using your traditional welder to do the job might not yield the desired results. Which is where OR Laser comes in.

The years of research and development OR Laser has undergone to offer innovative laser technology have resulted in the DIODELINE product family, which is a flexible system that works well with steel powder cladding. In addition to the four different units suitable for this application, OR Laser offers the accessories necessary to make a professional-looking layer without pores or cracks.

These accessories include

  • ORLAS SUITE (CAD/CAM software)
  • Powder feeder
  • Powder nozzle

See how you can save time and money by using steel powder in your cladding application.

Contact the staff at OR Laser to learn more about the product offerings and to see which one is right for you