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Types Of Additive Manufacturing

Units for All Types of Additive Manufacturing


Recognizing the different types of additive manufacturing is often the first step in determining what laser unit is best suited to the needs of your particular business. And who better to help in this process but a leader in innovative laser technology? Namely, OR LASER. 

As an innovative laser machine manufacturer, OR LASER has contributed decisively to this development since the late 1990s. Manufacturers around the world rely on OR LASER's wealth of experience and highly developed equipment. From dental technology to jewelry design to the manufacturing of prototypes, businesses look to OR LASER for all types of additive manufacturing with laser units like our:

  • ROBOLASER - quick and short cycles, low thermal stress, and no structural damage
  • LASERCAB - for busy production environments with heavy traffic
  • LRS EVO - ideal for an open welding workstation
  • EVO MOBILE - compact size eliminates the need for a large workspace

No job is too big or too small with the full range of laser units from OR LASER — for all types of additive manufacturing. 

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