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Weld Fume Extractor

Weld Fume Extractor Protects Your Health


Laser welding is a smart and efficient tool for joining a variety of materials. Some of those materials produce gas and particulates during the welding process. Protect yourself with a weld fume extractor.

OR Laser offers an array of laser welding machines for use with metals, plastics, and other components. Some of these compounds produce unhealthy particulates. As with traditional welding, a weld fume extractor is an important part of your safety net when laser welding. We recommend that you utilize this important tool.

Weld fume extractors help:

  • Improve workplace environment
  • Protect your workers health
  • Protect equipment and processes
  • Reduce production disturbances and improve profit

Partner with OR Laser for your laser welding needs. Our helpful customer service staff will help guide you in choosing a welder and finding the right weld fume extractor. Contact us today for more information.