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United States

Welding Laser

Use our Laser technology for welding


Are you looking forward to use Laser technology for your welding jobs? OR Laser offers a wide range of services and products for this purpose, make sure to partner with us and we will guide you with every step of your welding process.

Laser Welding has great advantages over other traditional methodologies. Avail the advantages of Laser in a most efficient and cost effective way. OR Laser offers customized solutions to all your welding needs suiting any type of industry and businesses. Whether you are looking for welding plastic, glass, fiber, wood or any metals and alloys, Laser welding suffices it all.

Choose OR Laser welding

  • High standard and compliant with industry needs
  • Cost effective and very efficient products
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Cleaner process that leaves almost no debris
  • Durable welds

Our 24x7 customer service is always open for any questions, concerns and advice. Our professionals can walk you through various benefits you can avail from Laser welding and guide through the techniques which help to grow your business.

Contact us now for more details on OR Laser’s process, services and machines that use Laser technology for all your welding needs.