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United States

Welding Machine Repair

Fix your joints with high precision joinery


Welding machines are basically used as a repair tool for major industrial parts. Whether you need to fix something or just join two parts to make things working, welding machines serves this purpose. What if this machine needs a repair? Partner with OR Laser for accurate and high precision joinery and welding machine repairs.

Why choose OR Laser?

  • High precision and accuracy
  • Meets industry standards
  • Low cost and effective solutions
  • Long lasting repair work
  • Speed delivery
  • Offer customized repair work
  • Best in the industry

OR Laser specializes in welding machine repair and reconditioning of all makes of welding machines you may own. Our highly trained professionals are ever ready to detect the problem and provide a most reliable solution through the repair work. We offer repair services for all major brands of welding machines.

We not only offer repair services, but also provide preventive maintenance services to your welding machines. OR Laser also offers welding support product safety programs. For more information you may request for a demo or a sample. Make sure to check our website for more details.

Make sure to contact us now to know more about our welding repair services.