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Welding Machines

Quality Welding Machines Offered By OR Laser


Laser welding machines are ideal for achieving strong and visually flawless seams. Choosing the right machine for your particular needs can be difficult. Consumers look to OR Laser for a large selection of welding machines.

At OR Laser, we find satisfaction in offering a collection of laser welding machines to meet a variety of needs, at a variety of price points. Our team is dedicated to designing and constructing units that meet the needs of the consumer.

Key benefits of OR Laser welding machines include

  • Spot, seam, and direct welding capabilities
  • Precise energy input
  • Reduction in time for rework
  • Automated welding speed
  • Joining a variety of materials and thicknesses
  • Contact-free, force-free processing
  • Minimal thermal effect on materials
  • Welding of complex weld geometries
  • Shorter time required for rework
  • Flexibility due to modular design of the installation
  • Quality control and documentation of the process data

The manufacturing industry has been utilizing the highly innovative and efficient laser welding machines offered by OR Laser for years. Their efficient, economical, and contact-free joining of metals, plastics, and composite materials are ideal for all sectors of the manufacturing industry.

To learn more about the welding machines offered by OR Laser, contact our friendly staff today.