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What Is A 3 D Printer

Providing Answers for "What is A 3D Printer?"

The question of "What is a 3D printer?" is coming up more frequently. That's because the popularity of 3D printers is on the rise, as they allow manufacturers to change strength and load capacity of existing components through repairs or modification rather than investing in costly replacements, As a leader in designing and implementing the latest and greatest in laser technology, OR LASER is uniquely positioned to both answer this question — and provide the solution.

Whether you're looking to boost the strength of an existing component or increase its load capacity, depositing material with the use of digital 3D CAD design, thus building up the component by layers is an ideal way to achieve your goal. 

At OR LASER, we provide a variety of laser units to suit every size and scope of your project:

  • ROBOLASER - boasting the ability to perform four jobs with one unit - welding, cladding, cutting, and hardening
  • LRS EVO - automated laser technology for small or medium-size projects
  • LASERCAB - class 1 laser for industrial or highly frequented production environments
  • EVO MOBILE - a mobile and compact laser welding system for all size workpieces

For a more in-depth answer of "What is a 3D printer?", contact our knowledgeable staff. We're happy to answer all of your questions.